Defence and Security


VOP CZ systematically creates conditions for reinforcing its positions as integrator and supplier of modern military equipment and systems, chiefly for the Czech Armed Forces, including assurance of the life cycle and servicing of such equipment.

It continues to gradually develop its activities for Czech and foreign customers in the field of manufacture of its own products, production cooperation, modernisation and servicing and other services in the field of defence and security.

VOP CZ offers a stable and extensive portfolio of products, which have been specially developed, manufactured and tested for the purpose of supporting the Czech Armed Forces.


VOP CZ has played the role of final integrator in major military contracts for the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and foreign customers several times in modern history. The first time was during the 1997 – 2001 period when the company repaired and modernised a total of 350 BVP-1 vehicles into the Pbv 501 version for the Swedish Ministry of Defence. The second time was when it successfully modernised 30 tanks into the T-72M4 CZ version. The company then developed and manufactured 107 PANDUR II 8×8 – CZ infantry wheeled combat vehicles, including reconnaissance, medical, engineers and command versions and versions for the reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan. The company’s most recent major project was production of over 400 armoured cabins for the NIMR Automotive Company from the United Arab Emirates.


VOP CZ has many years of experience in military production and will celebrate its 77th anniversary in 2023.

We are currently developing and conducting final assembly of armoured military vehicles according to our customers’ requirements. We meet the strictest security standards and we are certified for manufacture of military technology.

In the field of manufacture of defensive vehicles, we offer first-class technical, material and human resources, including accurate manufacturing processes, which assure the high quality and reliability of our products.


We have technical facilities for meeting the strictest requirements and standards. Our teams’ knowledge and experience continue to be expanded and perfected so that we are capable of assuring that the equipment is perfectly prepared for challenging military operations.

We assure the equipment’s complete life cycle for our soldiers. As well as offering technical and manufacturing facilities and technologies of global quality in the field of defence, we also provide training and servicing.