We manufactured 107 PANDUR II 8×8 CZ wheeled armoured transporters for the Czech Armed Forces between 2009 and 2013. This delivery included development and manufacture of specific vehicles in reconnaissance, engineer, medical and company commander versions.

We prepared 4 modernised PANDUR II 8X8 CZ for the military mission in Afghanistan. We also modernised 90 4×4 LOV IVECO light armoured vehicles for the Czech Armed Forces.

We modernise and develop special new superstructures for TATRA all-terrain vehicles. We manufactured modernised tank trucks on TATRA undercarriages for the Czech Armed Forces in the CITRA-M version for transporting drinking water, and CAP-6M1, CAPL-16M1 and CNS versions as refuelling trucks for ground and aviation equipment.


VOP CZ is an integrator and manufacturer of tank trucks on TATRA undercarriages. The CAP-6 M1, CAPL-16 M1 and CNS vehicles are used for refuelling and the CITRA-M is used to transport drinking water.

  • CAP-6 M1 – Special all-terrain military vehicle with non-armoured cabin, intended for refuelling of motorised ground vehicles. Can be used to transport and store fuel.
  • CAPL-16 M1 – Special tank truck with non-armoured cabin, intended for refuelling planes and helicopters. This vehicle is designed for transporting kerosene and for short-term storage of fuel at temperatures of up to +50 °C.
  • CNS – Fuel tank truck used for refuelling all types of aircraft with aviation fuel.
  • CITRA-M – Special vehicle intended for transporting, supplying, pumping and issuing drinking water under field conditions. Can also be used to store drinking water.


We manufactured and supplied 107 PANDUR II 8×8 CZ vehicles to the Czech Armed Forces. We developed five different versions of this vehicle – combat, command, reconnaissance (two versions), medical and engineer


We are a major supplier to the NIMR Automotive Company and we have manufactured 450 armoured cabins for AJBAN 440A vehicles. On the basis of this partnership, we are also a sales and marketing partner for the entire range of NIMR vehicles within the region, particularly for Visegrad Group countries.


We modernised 90 4×4 LOV IVECO light armoured vehicles for the Czech Armed Forces. This light armoured vehicle with permanent four-wheel drive is equipped with a remote controlled, fully stabilised PROTECTOR M151 A2 weapons station. The LOV IVECO is intended for undertaking challenging military operations and for assuring the activities of Czech Armed Forces during international operations and missions.


We developed, manufactured and modernised the ACHR-90M chemical vehicle for the Czech Armed Forces, Czech Civil Protection forces and for the fire brigades in Prague and South Pretoria. These special vehicles operated during military rescue missions by the Czech Armed Forces and during NATO training exercises. We have modernised 41 of these chemical vehicles to date.


The prototype of the MDA chemical vehicle was developed and manufactured in connection to the successful ACHR 90M vehicle project. The MDA has been integrated into the armament of the Czech Armed Forces, especially for use by Chemical Corps units during missions abroad.