Civil Engineering


In the machine production cooperation sector we assure a comprehensive range of production services based on our extensive tradition. We offer the extensive experience of our designers,technicians, engineers and labourers, who provide products and services of the highest quality to our customers.

We have been dynamically developing production for the civil sector since 1992.

We make construction, handling and agricultural machinery for leading global producers.


We offer production cooperation in the field of light and heavy welded components for construction and road machinery, which includes tanks, jibs, undercarriages and large structures.

Light weldments

Tanks (fuel, hydraulic, oil), buckets, scoops, booms and telescopic booms are integral elements of all construction and road machinery and we specialise in manufacturing these products.

  • Fuel and hydraulic tanks
  • Jibs, booms and digger shafts
  • Scoops and buckets


Heavy weldments

We manufacture several load-bearing components for construction and road machinery for leading global manufacturers, primarily from Germany and Great Britain. This chiefly concerns the upper and lower parts of the undercarriages of construction and road machinery and handling equipment, all components that are distinguished by their great complexity and the required accuracy of their manufacture.

On the basis of our extensive experience, we offer manufacture of special welded structures made from sturdy sheet metal components. Sturdy sheet metal components of great thickness often require preheating of the material to remove tension.

  • Undercarriages and frames
  • Large structures
  • Fork mounts, hoppers, cross-pieces and others


We assure final assembly of complex products for our customers. We offer a line assembly system with seven specialised work stations and specialised workers, who have previously assembled PANDUR II 8×8 CZ vehicles, LINDE heavy-weight fork-lift trucks and completed other major projects for example.

The experience of our designers and engineers, our technological facilities, the ability to obtain any material and manufacture practically any component all allow us to offer final products with high added value


Key requirements for high-quality work are high quality technological and technical facilities for actual production, in addition to good design. We have been actively increasing the technical quality of our machine equipment since 1992 and we invest up to 8% of our turnover on purchasing new technologies every year.

We are equipped with technical machinery for design work, the necessary technologies and modern machinery. We invested CZK 660 million into technological equipment and into manufacturing infrastructure between 2012 and 2015.


We have our own calibration laboratory certified according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (certified by the Czech Accreditation Institute).

We use modern equipment in the field of gauges and the measuring of products in the following areas:



  •  Length and angle
  •  Pressure
  •  Torque
  •  Electrical values       


  • Hardness
  • Roughness
  • Coordinate measurement


We offer customers rapid execution of requirements, maximum flexibility and a personal approach.