TAROS succeeded in the global competition

In the end of June, we participated with our TAROS V4 4X4 UGV platform in testing the capabilities of autonomous vehicles from around the world at the Estonian military training ground Lasna.

Our TAROS successfully overcame all terrain traps, which were a real challenge for it. However, the most appreciated was the ability to navigate and meet the STANAG standard.

“We tested the platform in real conditions and gained valuable data for further development. We also had the opportunity to compare other participants’ systems and approaches to solve the same problem/task. Although the platforms themselves were quite different (weight, purpose, propulsion), the autonomy systems were mostly based on similar logic and components. The TAROS platform is therefore quite unique in its design elements and the autonomy system developed by our partners follows global trends,” said Tomáš Konečný, Head of the VOP CZ Project Office.